I have a BFA Degree in painting and drawing from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, have exhibited widely in the State of Hawaii and have paintings in the permanent collections of the Hawaii State Foundation On Culture And The Arts, the Honolulu Mayor’s Collection and many private collections in Hawaii, elsewhere in the US and in Europe.

Since returning to California the focus of my subject matter has been trees, individual and in orchards, and an attempt to find order in the seeming chaos of branches and leafage, usually focusing on the linear rhythms found there or by contrasting the orderliness of the orchard to the abstractions of its elements.

Although I have often worked on a small scale, my direction seems now to be taking me to larger formats. Very large paintings require a different approach in the initial observation of the subject matter, the planning and execution, the materials and technique and, finally, the viewing of the completed work.

The materials and mediums are of great importance to me – the oil paints, wax medium, bees wax, metallics, wood, paper, canvas and so on – and the combining of these materials and mediums endlessly fascinating. As two dimensional objects the paintings are about surfaces; however, surfaces in and beneath which to find meaning.